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Cloud Computing & Cyber Security

More than 60% of businesses utilize cloud computing for performing IT-related operations and of those firms, more than half of the respondents say their organization transfer sensitive or confidential data to cloud computing systems.

Securing your applications in the cloud is a shared responsibility. That means that cloud computing providers and customers must work together to protect your data, meet regulatory requirements and ensure the best possible experience for yourself and your customer.

Magnir improves your cloud computing security and reduces the chance of a cyber-attack on your system through our proprietary cloud security risk assessment.

Magnir evaluates over twenty security areas of a cloud computing service to ensure:

Data is managed and protected


Cryptographic services are enabled

Only authorized users are able to access cloud data

The scope of the risk assessment is tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether it is your entire IT infrastructure or a specific system, Magnir can help assess the risks faced by your company, enabling executives to make informed decisions related to the well being of information assets.